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World Weekly Word is an ambitious Project. What apparently presents as a simple and entertaining game is a global call to the use of a concrete word. But it’s also an announcement to reflexion. A call to meditation and the deepening in culture, through the use of a Word as a thread.

The hashtag #WWW is meeting point to discover novel authors, beginning bands or low budget films. It’s a gateway to the expansion from a playful and participatory point of view. It can also be considered as a competition for being the most popular song, book or film.
The Word is what makes us the most evolved of the creatures and this is a perfect way to preserve that value: The Word.
On the other hand, the industry is changing: it’s mired in a spiral where it doesn’t know how to get away. This could be the way to change the business. The future is in changing the past and the present. World Weekly Word brings us close to that future.

This vision, developing by the way of interacting in a social network like Twitter, has the potential of turning the idea in a game of extremely virulent evolution, due to two different tools, like #hashtag and the mention to official @accounts. That way the artists’ interest take a big value and they will be the most concerned in the game, treating that their fans take over to elevate their idols and share their music with more people.

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