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Game rules

The principal idea of this game is to create a collaborative list, made upon the tweets of every user.
Through a hashtag, every weekend will be the starting signal for two days, where the purpose is to add songs, books and films under the premise of one unique word.
  • This word will be chose by open voting in this blog, under a list published by Worldweeklyword.
  • The leading languages will be Spanish and English, although any language is acceptable. Worldweeklyword reserves the right to legitimate the hashtag.
Voluntarily and for the contents’ enrichment, it can be included a link to YouTube with the video-clip or the audio song, the film poster or the novel’s cover artwork.

In the following days there will be release posts with the mentioned songs, books and films created under the hashtag trend.
Time will reveal the possibilities.
Every single style or subgenre of music, film and literature is allowed.


There will be an unique hashtag in English. At the moment of setting the songs, we must write the hashtag and then, the weekly word in small letters (#WWWword), the song title regularly and the band name or book author in capital letters. This way it’s easier to search different artists and differentiate between song and artist.

As an example.

#WWWword Song Title – BAND
YouTube link

As a way, to globalize the idea, we can write the song title and/ or the band name as a hashtag or redirecting to the official Twitter band or author account with @.
  • #WWWword Song title – BAND, #BAND or @band
Enlace a Youtube

  • #WWWword Book title - AUTHOR, #AUTHOR or @author

  • #WWWword FilmTitle, #FilmTitle or @filmaccount


To avoid confusions, doubts or participate in invalid ways, at the same moment of publishing the weekly word, it will be included a list of allowed words in English and Spanish, subject to the hashtag.

Time zone.

To implement a schedule that suits the weekend all over the planet, we will use the time zone for Spain.
Thereby, the resulting mean time is stablished as UTC +1.

·  Example for London:
Begins Saturday at 1:00 am. and it ends on Monday at 1:00 am.

·  Example for New York City:
Begins Saturday at 5:00 am. and it ends on Monday at 5:00 am

·  Example for Melbourne:
Begins Saturday at 10:00 am. and it ends on Monday at 10: am.

*Worldweeklyword will not allow any xenophobic or racist content.
*Likewise, Worldweeklyword reserves the right to change or vary the game guidelines.

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