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#WWWride List

La gran lista // The big list

Canciones // Songs

… Of dream and drama (Midnight ride) - Moonspell
A galopar - Paco Ibáñez
A sign for the norse hordes to ride - Immortal
Along for the ride - John Mayall and Billy Preston
Backseat rider - Victory
Ballad of easy rider - Bruce Springsteen
Bullet ride - In Flames
Crimson rider - Masterplan
Death rides a horse - Russian Circles
Despair ridden hearts - Sentenced
Easy ride - The Doors
Ezy rider - Jimi Hendrix
Freewind rider - Running Wild
Glory ride - Black Sabbath
Guilt ridden state - ToDieFor
Hard ride - Raven
Henchman ride - Testament
Hitch a ride - Boston
Hitchin' a ride - Green Day
Into glory ride - Manowar
Jesus rode a Harley - Ugly Kid Joe
Joyride - Roxette
Legend of the headless rider - Mercyful Fate
Let it ride - Ryan Adams
Let it ride - Skid Row
Let me share the ride - The Black Crowes
Magic carpet ride - Steppenwolf
Midnight rider -            Saxon
Midnight riders - Bullet
Night rider - Dokken
Nobody rides for free - Ratt
Odens ride over Nordland - Bathory
Once around the ride - Cinderella
One rode to Asa Bay - Bathory
Pale horse riding - Marc Bolan and T-Rex
Paul Revere's midnight ride - Four Year Strong
Powerride - Running Wild
Raw ride - Running Wild
Ride - Cathedral
Ride - Testament
Ride - Warrant and Jani Lane
Ride - Joe Satriani
Ride - Lana Del Rey
Ride a white swan - T-Rex
Ride across the river - Dire Straits
Ride child ride - Poison
Ride cowboy ride - Bon Jovi
Ride into obsession - Bling Guardian
Ride into the sun - Def Leppard
Ride like the wind - Christopher Cross
Ride like the wind - Saxon
Ride like the wind - Jorn
Ride my way    Michae - Schenker
Ride of the chariots - Thor
Ride on - Cruachan
Ride on - Grave Digger
Ride on, baby - The Rolling Stones
Ride the comet - Ayreon
Ride the lightning - Metallica
Ride the rainbow - Axel Rudi Pell
Ride the river - Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale
Ride the sky - Helloween
Ride the storm -           UDO
Ride the void - Holy Grail
Ride the wild wind - Queen
Ride the wind - Poison
Ride to live, live to ride - Twisted Sister
Ride to the guns - Jorn
Rider in the snow - The Cult
Riders in the storm - The Doors
Riders of the damned - Black Label Society
Riding on an arrow - Axel Rudi Pell
Riding on fire - Iron Savior
Riding on the wind - Judas Priest
Riding on the wind - Firewind
Riding shotgun - Anthrax
Riding the eagle - Primal Fear
Riding the snake - Testament
Riding the storm - Running Wild
Riding the winds of eternity - Rhapsody of Fire
Riding with the angels - Samson
Riding with the King - Clapton and B.B.King
Rip ride - Venom
Rock hard, ride free - Judas Priest
Rocker ride - KISS
Rocket ride - Edguy
Rythm rider - Legion
She deserves a free ride - Black Label Society
Slow ride - Foghat
Spidey`s wild ride - Tom Waits
Still they ride - Journey
Stormrider - Iced Earth
Surf rider - Pulp Fiction BSO
Taking a ride - Don Felder
The dark ride - Helloween
The goatriders horde - 3 Inches of Blood
The mighty ride of the firelord - Rhapsody of Fire
The ride - Jon Oliva`s Pain
This ride - Anvil
Ticket to ride - The Beatles
Timeriders - Running Wild
To hell we ride. Start something - Lostprophets
Warp riders - The Sword
Weenie ride - Steel Panther
White knuckle ride - Lynrd Skynyrd
Who`s gonna ride your wild horses - U2
X.T.C. riders - WASP

Discos // Albums

Roxette - Joyride 
Ride the Lightning - Metallica
Night of the Stormrider - Iced Earth
Into Glory Ride - Manowar
The Blessed Hellride - Black Label Society

Películas // Films

Knight rider // El coche fantástico (Serie y película)
Easy Rider
Ghost rider // Motorista fantasma

Libro // Book

Maximum Ride. Una serie de seis novelas, de James Patterson

Poema // Poem

A galopar, de Rafael Alberti

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