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#WWWnight List

La gran lista // The big list

Canciones // Songs

(Looking for) the heart of Saturday night Tom Waits
1001 noches Sangre Azul
2 minutes to midnight Iron Maiden
40 days & 40 nights Nexx
747 (Strangers in the night) Saxon
A  nightmare to remember Dream Theater
A hard day's night The Beatles
A night like this The cure
A night on the town Thin Lizzy
All day and all of the night The Kinks
All day and all of the night Scorpions
All night Def Leppard
All night Pearl Jam
All night (musik convoy) Warlock
All night long Rainbow
All night thing Temple of the Dog
Another crazy summer night Kick
Another rainy night (without you) Queensryche
At midnight they'll get wise Grand Magnus
Baby, I'm your nightmare Rage
Because the night Bruce Springsteen
Because the night Keel
Because the night Patti Smith
Beggar's night Running Wild
Behind the curtains of night. Phantasmagoria Dimmu Borgir
Behind the gates to midnight world Edguy
Big city nights Scorpions
Black like the night Witchtrap
Black night  Deep Purple
Black night  H.E.A.T.
Black night  Stratovarius
Black of night King Diamond
Black winter night Dragonforce
Bodom after midnight Children of Bodom
Bring me the night Overkill
Bring on the night Rainbow
Bring on the night Sting
By the night sky Pharaoh
Can't stand the night Accept
Children of the night Dream Evil
Children of the night Whitesnake
Coche rápido en la noche Banzai
Cold black night Thin Lizzy
Crazy crazy nights Kiss
Crazy nights 3 Inches of Blood
Crazy nights Loudness
Creatures of the night  Kiss
Cries in the night Wasp
Crystal night Masterplan
Cualquier noche sale el sol Obús
Dance the night away Cream
Dance the night away Van Halen
Dance with the night Cream
Dark night of the soul David Lynch
Deadly nightshade Megadeth
Deadnight warrior Children of Bodom
Death rides this night Enforcer
Demon nights Firewind
Demon's night Accept
Demon's night Cannibal Corpse
Desert by night Sentenced
Devil's night Motionles in White
Disfruta esta noche Azuzena
El árbol de la noche triste Mago de Oz
El rock de una noche de verano Miguel Rios
El silencio de la noche Sangre Azul
En la noche de San Juan Medina Azahara
Endless night Graveyard
Endless nights Impellitteri
Erotic nightmares Steve Vai
Esa noche te perdí Los Suaves
Esclavos de la noche Sangre Azul
Esta es una noche de Rock and Roll Barricada
Esta noche Fito y Fitipaldis
Esta noche no es para andar por esas calles Barricada
Esta noche yo haría Platero y Tú
Eternal nightmare Vio-Lence
Every night without you Edguy
Fly by night Rush
Glory night Axel Rudi Pell
Good night Overkill
Good night  The Beatles
Goodnight Irene Johnny Cash
Goodnight sweetheart BSO Muerte entre las flores
Guardian of the night Accept
Heaven tonight Yngwie M.
Heavy Metal in the night Dream Evil
Hold back the night  Atlain
Humana inspired to nightmare Cradle of Filth
Hunter's night Allen / Lande
I am the night Pantera
I can't find the love tonight Skylark
I drove all night Roy Orbison
I love a rainy night Eddie Rabitt
I love the night Blue Oyster Cult
I love the night Gravestone
I speed at night Dio
I wanna Rock and Roll all night Kiss
I want this night to last forever Twisted Sister
I'll see the light tonight Yngwie M.
In the air tonight Axel Rudi Pell
In the air tonight Phil Collins
In the cold, cold night The White Stripes
In the dead of night Yngwie M.
In the deep of the night Rough Silk
In the heat of the night To/Die/For
In the middle of the night Within Temptation
In the night Dream Evil
In the night Miles Davis
Into the night Ace Frehley
Into the night Racer X
Just one night Triumph
La noche cae Azrael
La noche de la que te hablé Leño
La noche eterna Love of Lesbian
Late at night Dover
Late night lady H.E.A.T.
Late nights in voodoo Buckcherry
Lazy days, crazy nights Tesla
Let's spend the night together Smith
Let's spend the night together The Rolling Stones
Living after midnight Judas Priest
Living for the night Viper
Lonely days lonely nights Whitesnake
Lonely nights  Scorpions
Lonely nights  White Lion
Lost in the night Victory
Mi gran noche Raphael
Middle of the night China
Midnight King Diamond
Midnight Red Hot Chili Peppers
Midnight blue David Coverdale
Midnight blues Gary Moore
Midnight dreamer Journey
Midnight express Helix
Midnight flight Earthshaker
Midnight highway Accept
Midnight madness Jorn Lande
Midnight mover Accept
Midnight rider Saxon
Midnight shadows crawl to darken counsel with life Cradle of Filth
Midnight walker Norther
Midnight/ Tornado Skid Row
Mil y una noches Sangre Azul
Neon nights Accept
New night Katatonia
Night  Marty Friedman
Night after night Anthem
Night after night Primal Fear
Night and day Django Reinhardt
Night and rain Axel Rudi Pell
Night by night Dokken
Night comes down Judas Priest
Night eternal Moonspell
Night fever Bee Gees
Night fire canonization Absu
Night flight Led Zeppelin
Night games Alcatrazz
Night hawk (vampire blues) Whitesnake
Night lights Scorpions
Night marauders 3 Inches of Blood
Night of dreams Labyrinth
Night of graveless souls Emperor
Night of passion Mad Max
Night of the demon Demon
Night of the graveless souls Emperor
Night of the hunter 30 seconds to Mars
Night of the shooting star Alcatrazz
Night of the unborn Mercyful Fate
Night of the vampire Entombed
Night on Bröcken Fates Warning
Night owl Sadist
Night people Dio
Night prowler AC/DC
Night rider Dokken
Night rider Pagan Altar
Night side Motorhead
Night sight Enslaved
Night sky Scald
Night songs Cinderella
Night stalker Macabre
Night stalker Wolf
Night terrors Steel Horse
Night time is the right time Creedence Clearwater Revival
Night wolf Krokus
Nightcrawler Judas Priest
Nightfall Blind Guardian
Nightfall on the grey mountain Rhapsody of Fire
Nightmare Avenged Sevenfold
Nightmare Axel Rudi Pell
Nightmare Kragens
Nightmare Venom
Nightmare  Area51
Nightmare (coming back to you) Testament
Nightmare be thy name Mercyful Fate
Nightmare gown Pentagram
Nightmare in the trophy room BSO Muerte entre las flores
Nightmares Iced Earth
Nightmares of an ether drinker Cradle of Filth
Nightrain Guns 'N Roses
Nightrider Queensryche
Nights in white satin The Moody Blues
Nights on Broadway. The midnight Bee Gees
Nightwalkers Flametal
Nightwatcher Raise Hell
Noche de aullidos M Clan
Noche de Rock & Roll Barricada
Noche de ronda Leize
Noche de viernes Doctor Deseo
Noche en la ciudad Barricada
Noche incierta La Polla Récords
Noche negra Banzai
Noche sin sueños Rata Blanca
Noches de Rock and Roll Barón Rojo
Noches de Rock and Roll y de alcohol EVO
Nocturnal fear Celtic Frost
Nocturnal fear Dimmu Borgir
Nocturnal supremacy Cradle of Filth
Nocturnal Symphony Lillian Axe
Not one night Mr. Big
Oily night Tom Waits
On a foggy night Tom Waits
One night in the city Dio
One night stand Motorhead
One wild night Bon Jovi
Otra noche, otra ciudad Los Suaves
Overkill II (the nightmare continues) Overkill
Overnight sensation Firehouse
Party all day (fuck all night) Steel Panther
Power of the night Savatage
Preacher of the night UDO
Princess of the night  Destruction
Princess of the night  Saxon
Queen of the night Angra
Rainy night in Soho Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Reina de la noche Miguel Rios
Return of the night creatures Old Man's Child
Rock the night Europe
Rock the night Monument
Run for the night Blind Guardian
Sábado a la noche Moris
Saturday night Heavy Load
Saturday night special Lynyrd Skynyrd
Saturday night's alright for fighting Elton John
Saturday night's alright for fighting Flotsam and Jetsam
Saturday night's alright for fighting Nickelback
Screams in the night Hellion
Seize the night Mercenary
Shadows in the night Sinner
Shame on the night Dio
Silent night Bon Jovi
Silent night   Lindsey Stirling
Silent night, Bodom night Children of Bodom
Sky of saddened nights Nokturnal mortum
Sleepless nights Dokken
Sleepless nights King Diamond
Slowly goes the night Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Soldiers of the night Vicious Rumors
Sombras en la noche Barón Rojo
Some nights Fun
Something in the night Bruce Springsteen
Spend the night with you Picture
Spiders in the night Ozzy
Spirit in the night Bruce Springsteen
Steal away (the night) Ozzy
Still of the night Whitesnake
Strangers in the night Frank Sinatra
Strangers in the night Gamma ray
Summer night city Swedish hitz Goes Metal
Summer nights Van Halen
Summer nights Van Halen
Sunday night buttermilk waltz The Black Crowes
Tango in the night Fleetwood Mac
The dark eternal night Dream Theater
The longest night Pharaoh
The midnight special  Creedence Clearwater Revival
The night  Disturbed
The night and the silent water Opeth
The night masquerade Dimmu Borgir
The night of the living dead The Misfits
The night of the loving dead Lordi
The night of the triumphator Satyricon
The night of the vampire Entombed
The night of the warlock Doro
The night watch King Crimson
They only come out at night Lordi
Thrash tonight Sarcasm
Thrills in the night Kiss
Tonight Def Leppard
Tonight Joe Lynn Turner
Tonight Motley Crue
Tonight Ozzy
Tonight in flames Cradle of Filth
Tonight the witches ride Sacred Steel
Tonight you belong to me Paul Stanley
Tonight's the night Rod Stewart
Tonight's the night Acronycal
Turn on the night Kiss
Turn up the night Black Sabbath
Una noche de amor   Tahúres Zurdos
Una noche de amor desesperada Medina Azahara
Una noche de amor desesperada Triana
Una noche sin ti Burning
Unchain the night  Dokken
Unholy powers (night of the witch) Nocturnal Rites
Up all night Kiss
Up all night Slaughter
Viajando al fin de la noche Los Suaves
Visions in the night Axel Rudi Pell
Voodoo nights Axel Rudi Pell
Waiting for the night Saxon
Walpurgis night Stormwitch
Watchman tell us of the night Micah P. Hinson
We may not have tomorrow but we still have the night Diamond Dogs
We only come out at night Lizzy Borden
We rule the night Virgin Steele
When the night comes down XYZ
When the night falls Iced Earth
Where did you sleep last night Nirvana
Whore of Satan's night Arthemesia
Wild nights, hot & crazy nights Judas Priest
Winter nights Iced Earth
Witch drifter Grave Digger
Without the night & miles away Winger
Wonderful tonight Eric Clapton
You shook me all night long AC/DC
You shook me all night long Six Feet Under
You shook me all night long Big & Rich

Discos // Albums

Night in the ruts – Aerosmith
Night of the stormrider – Iced Earth
Crazy nights – Kiss
Strangers in the night – UFO
Creatures of the night – Kiss
Reckoning night – Sonata Arctica
I am the night – Pantera
Finsthanian nightbreed – Abyssos
On the night – Dire Straits
Nightfall in Middle Earth – Blind Guardian
Nightmares made flesh – Bloodbath
Midnight in the labyrinth – Cradle of Filth
Night of the demon – Demon
Night of the stormrider – Iced Earth
The longest night – Pharaoh
Night songs – Cinderella
Eternal nightmare – Vio-lence
Goodnight L.A. – Magnum
Las mil y una noches – Tierra Santa
Night at the opera – Queen
A night at the opera – Blind Guardian
On through the night – Def Leppard
On night in Bangkok – Sodom
One night at Budokan – Michael Shenker
Fright night – Stratovarius
Soldiers of the night – Vicious Rumors
Night of passion – Mad Max
Français pour une nuit – Metallica
Noche de Rock and Roll – Barricada
Turn up the night – Linkin Park
Late at night – Dover
In the nighside eclipse – Emperor
Nightwing – Marduk
Some nights – Fun

Grupos // Bands

Night sun

Películas // Films

La noche más oscura
La noche del cazador
La noche de los muertos vivientes
La noche de la iguana
Noche de paz
40 días y 40 noches
Adivina quién viene esta noche
Al caer la noche
Buenas noches y buena suerte
Cowboy de medianoche
El color de la noche
El expreso de medianoche
El lado oscuro de la noche
Fiebre del sábado noche
Frostbitten (30 días de noche)
Huida a medianoche
La noche cae sobre Manhattan
La noche de los demonios (Demons 3)
La noche del cometa
Noche en el museo 1 y 2
La noche es nuestra
La sombra de la noche
La última noche de Boris Grushenko
La última noche
Los demonios de la noche
Una noche en Casablanca
Una noche en la ópera
Medianoche en el jardín del bien y del mal
Midnight in Paris
Noche de miedo // Fright night
Razas de noche
Seis días, siete noches
The warriors: los amos de la noche
Sueño de una noche de verano
La comedia sexual de una noche de verano
Night on Earth
Sonrisas de una noche de verano
Night of the creeps
Noche de circo
La noche de los lápices
Larga jornada hacia la noche
Las noches de Cabiria
Solo en la noche
Encuentro en la noche
Pesadilla antes de navidad
Pesadilla en Elm Street
En el calor de la noche
Adivina quién viene a cenar esta noche
La noche de los cristales rotos

Libros // Books

Viaje al fin de la noche – Céline
Abierto toda la noche – David Trueba
Noches blancas – Fédor Dostoievsky
La última noche en Twisted River – John Irving
El búfalo de la noche – Guillermo Arriaga
La noche del oráculo – Paul Auster
La noche – Guy de Maupassant
La noche de los generales – Hans Hellmut Kirst
Las mil y una noches - Anónimo
La última noche del Titanic – Walter Lord
Sueño de una noche de verano – William Shakespeare

Cuadros // Paintings

Starry nights – Van Gogh

Night fishing at Antibes – Pablo Picasso

Las mil y una noches – Matisse

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